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In his brilliant new book, Nick Webb has identified a powerful truth: sustainable innovation isn’t an accident, an investment or one-time push, but rather a company-wide operating system that infuses everything from your culture to the way you make decisions. In this new age of AI, algorithms and automation, our capacity as human leaders to deliver on the innovation mandate has never been more important – for growth and our survival.

Mike Walsh

Global Futurist and Author of The Algorithmic Leader: How to Be Smart When Machines Are Smarter Than You

Real-World Experience

As a successful medical product inventor, I’ve had to learn the principles of innovation the hard, and expensive way! This book shows leaders how to leverage innovation principles within the bureaucracy of an organization from Nick’s real-world experience. Great book!

Matti Palo, M.D.

Orthopedic surgeon and medical product inventor

Powerful Book

In a time of massive market disruption, leaders, managers and CEOs realize that innovation has become the new organizational mandate. This powerful book will show you and your team how to lead your market in breakthrough market-leading innovations. 

Josh Linkner

New York Times bestselling author

Best Teacher

Innovation is a learned skill. The best teacher I know is Nick Webb. If you want to innovate you need this book!

Chester Elton

New York Times best-selling author

Nails It!

Nicholas Webb nails it in The Innovation Mandate! Today leaders need crisp, critical insight into the current opportunities for innovation in what I call the ‘era of acceleration’ – this book provides a path for navigating our faster future!

Jim Carroll